Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maps, photos and mash-ups

There sure are some interesting mashup applications out there, and you could spend WAY too long investigating them. The kind I guess I'm looking for are the map-image mashups - I could see some really great uses for something like that in local history, where you could maybe combine maps of an area from different time periods and then link in old photos or interesting historical info about the places on that map.

You can actually do this stuff on google earth, but you have to use their maps - what I'm looking for is a way to scan in our own historical maps and then link our images in to them - not just play with this technology for its own sake (fun thought that is), but to put it to work by using it to tell stories about where we live and how we live.

Anyway, Kate found this very cool one, Tag Galaxy, which picks up Flikr tags and displays the associated images in a spectacularly creative way.

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