Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feeding the RSS Addiction

Adding an RSS feed is actually pretty easy - I use a customised google screen as my home page when I log on and had already subscribed to a few via google anyway. Adding an RSS feed to that is basically just a couple of clicks. You don't even have to use Bloglines to find them - if you are just having a general surf and find a site you like that has a feed, you can subscribe to it directly. Most sites offering feeds use the red RSS icon - the Mash-up Awards site I subscribed to doesn't, but if you click on "Subscribe" you get there anyway.

As far as Bloglines goes, it's also reasonably straightforward to use, but you are spoiled for choice and can be tempted into adding more feeds than you can deal with. You can end up getting bogged down - it's like having a permanently full email box, and no time to read it It';s best to be selective - stick with the ones that are actually useful, and save the fun-but-potential-timewasters for the home pc. (Or be prepared to delete ruthlessly).

For those with an interest in Web 2.0 and things digital in the NZ library context, check out the National Digital Forum site at They don't have an RSS feed, but they do have links to the presentations at each of the NDF conferences (held over 2 days at the end of each November).

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